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High Performance and Racing Services offered

Here at Island Tuning our passion is for Performance! We are car guys at heart and when we are not working on other people's cars were working on our own project and race cars. We love all aspects of upgrading vehicle for specific performance goals whether it is a drift car, SCCA car, a drag car, or is just a weekend street beast for tearing up the curvy roads on Maui but can still be a reliable daily driver, we offer and love it all at Island Tuning. If you have a passion for power and love to drive you are in the right hands with us.

Here are a few of the services we offer for 



ENGINE BUILDS: Having a well built and assembled engine that is balanced and machined is crucial to proper performance. From OEM rebuilds to completely blueprinted and sleeved big block 3000hp drag engines we can offer all of your engine building needs at Island Tuning!

ENGINE SWAPS: One of the most common things to do to add more performance to your vehicle in to change out whatever is the factory engine you have and put a engine in that makes more power right out of the box. From crate engines in the muscle cars, or JDM engine swaps in the import cars, or the famous Honda B series and K series swaps, or Jakes favorite is to put a 2jz engine (his favorite engine) into anything he can from 240sx's to Toyota pickups he is always looking forward to the accomplishment of getting a unique engine swap accomplished in a variety of vehicles.

^^^ In this picture we have a LS Corvette engine swapped into the lightweight nimble Mazda Miata Chassis. This Miata can now beat Ferrari's and Porsche's in acceleration and handling.

ENGINE MANAGEMENT: Today's engine's and their features have become more and more complex as we continue to advance in technology for engines to perform better and stay cooler and get better gas mileage. From direct fuel injection, to variable turbine geometry turbo's, the computers used to control these systems have also become more and more advanced. Aftermarket engine management systems give you the availability to control all these systems to allow them to all work together to obtain the maximum performance possible from an engine combined with the aftermarket performance parts we add to the factory engines to get as much power as we desire. Island Tuning can install many of the aftermarket engine management systems offered today.

ENGINE TUNING AND DYNO TUNING: You can have all the best parts on your engine and have it available to make all the power in the world, but if it is not tuned properly to make all the parts work in harmony together you will never see the power potential or have a reliable power plant. Island Tuning offers all kinds of engine tuning from passports and piggy backs, to full standalones and data logging we know how to make an engine perform at its best safely and reliably with the proper tuning. Island Tuning will have dyno sessions and dyno tuning available in the near future and until then we can road tune and get same results and graphs etc., but it takes a lot longer and is not recommended. The right tune can make all the difference in the world.

ROLL CAGE FABRICATION AND INSTALLATION: As great rally driver Colin McCrae said "if you race to win you will crash at some point." If we add performance to our vehicles to be able to raise the limit we are able to push them at some point crashing is unavoidable if you keep pushing on the limits of your driving and your cars capabilities. If you crash, your car is replaceable, but you are not. That's why safety is a top priority at Island Tuning. We form and build roll cages not just for added chassis rigidity but to also make sure if something happens you walk away with your life.

CUSTOM WELDING AND FABRICATION: In the pursuit of performance on a budget sometime welding a differential instead of buying a thousand dollar plus 2 way differential saves a lot of money and gives the same performance gain. Cutting and lengthening control arms rather than purchasing adjustable ones also is a budget modification. We know the best way to help you get the most out of your vehicle and your budget to meet your performance desires.

CUSTOM RADIUS WELDED PIE CUT HIGH FLOWING EXHAUST SYSTEMS: Most exhaust systems that are offered either aftermarket or through a exhaust shop are bent using a hydraulic crush bender to form the bends to fit the vehicle. This works for OEM exhaust systems that are built for being quiet and reducing emissions. This is the last thing you want on a high flowing exhaust system to add performance to the vehicle. The most common solution is mandrel bent tubing which does not crush the exhaust reducing the inside diameter like the crush bent but does reduce the amount of angle you can add to a bend or allow multiple angles in one bend. The solution to all of this is custom radius pie cut exhaust. This allows you to form the exhaust inch by inch with as many angles as needed while not reducing the inside diameter of the exhaust. This allows you to fit the largest size diameter exhaust in the tightest spots and fit the vehicle like a glove. This is the most expensive and time consuming option but yields the best results, for when nothing but the best is the only option for your vehicle or the power levels your looking for, we have you covered at Island Tuning. 

AFTERMARKET GAUGES: When you have more money in your engine then your vehicle originally sold for, keeping your investment safe is crucial. One way to make sure your engine is safe is by continuously monitoring all the important perimeters of your engine. Such as oil pressure, oil temperature, boost, coolant temperature, Intake air temp, Exhaust temp, Air/Fuel ratio, Knock/Detonation among others that allow you to see if something is not where it should be and allow you to be aware before something catastrophic can cost you your investment in your engine. The new popular option is digital dashes that offer all the gauges you can ever want in one smaller cleaner enclosed unit. We offer installation of any of your gauge needs or desires.  

SUSPENSION INSTALLATION AND TUNING: You can buy all the best suspension components in the world but if the dampening and compression setting and spring rates or pre-load are not properly set for the vehicle weight and performance desires you will never see the capability of the suspension. Same goes with suspension geometry when you lower or raise a car. Or bump steer from the ball joints or the wrong ankerman angle not giving you the right response in your steering. At Island Tuning we understand the Importance of proper suspension tuning and geometry and a race alignment. Most people can change parts but being able to make all the parts work together in harmony for the desired results is where most shops or people fall short in being able to properly set up a suspension system to all work together and have proper ride height, travel, camber and caster setting etc. We also offer drift car suspension setup and modified knuckles or racks etc. to offer all the steering angle one may ever need. 

FULL VEHICLE RESTORATIONS: Its hard to find someone that doesn't appreciate a clean or nice classic muscle car or a beautifully restored classic. Problem is that finding someone local to offer you what you want to get your classic looking the way it did coming off the showroom is easier said then done especially being here on Maui. At Island Tuning we are more than capable to offer a full frame off restoration or a mild engine rebuild. We know classics and love them from a 31' chopped mercury to a numbers matching 69' Big block Camaro we can cover any of your needs. We do everything in house which is because we are mobile we rent a storage facility to do the restoration and keep the vehicle their for security reason until the restoration or services are complete. For more information pleas e contact us if you have any restoration questions. 

BIG BRAKE UPGRADES: Everyone thinks of making their car faster but most forget that something more important for performance and handling is how fast can you stop your car? Most factory brake systems stop a car decent at 80mph or less but if you try and stop your factory car with the factory brakes at more that 120mph you will instantly find how inefficient the factory braking system is at high speeds with instant brake fade and fluid overheating. Bigger brakes are designed do disperse heat at a much higher rate and the larger and more friction material is making contact the faster it will be able to bring the rolling mass to a stop. Upgrading your brakes is the most important neglected aspect in racing and high performance. At Island Tuning we know how to get your car stopping the way it should for the weight and speed and power levels the customer is desires out of their vehicle.